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Reply to "Should we stay or go"

Originally posted by Isome:

On that we can agree. They're not children who require our guidance in how to run their country. When we learn keep our weapons to ourselves there will be less violence the world over.


You sound like Alsadir, the leader of the Suni rebels who now says he is going to work with the government. Last year during an interview with "60 Minutes" he told the story of how Saddam killed his father and oppressed the people of the country. He then said 'By the grace of Allah, Saddam has been removed'.

Somehow in his LOGIC (or lack thereof) he could not make the connection that it was the US's INVASION that had toppled Saddam and allowed for the people of the country to have this opportunity to pick a government of their own choosing. In fact he continued his fighting against the very forces that opened up this opportunity for his people.

NOW after many bombs and gun fights - he is working WITH the government that was born out of the opening that the US made for him.


You both suffer from the complex of SKIPPING OVER and NOT MENTIONING EVENTS that DON'T FAVOR your THEORY as you arrive at a conclusion.

What YOU call "guidance" I call being a similar scenario that we once saw in the American South where Union troops were pulled out too soon as an insergent force, having just lost a war could not wait to get their hands on the people who had been protected by this "invading army". African-Americans caught nearly 75 years of hell because of this. I have to wonder if you were alive just prior to reconstruction in this country what your views would be.