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Reply to "Should we stay or go"

Originally posted by Isome:
Why not? We were and remain the focal point of violence because we are occupiers. What would six more months months of occupation achieve?

Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, unlike in Bush's mind, this is not a game. We are talking about real lives ... American and Iraqi. You can't just do some kind of "put 'em in, take 'me out" on a whim thing like it's a game of chess. Life and death situations are on the line. And, yes, we went in there with no clue of nothing, but, in regards of what to do ... but, I don't think we need to pull out the same way. Some thoughtful process of what really needs to be done now that we have totally f***ed up everything over there needs to be put in order.

Secondly, consideration for what will happen to/with those ordinary Iraqi citizens needs to be thought about. If you remember what Daddy Bush did - he went over there, promised those people if they fought Sadaam we would fight with them, they did ... and we left them high and dry. To add insult to injury, we did nothing when Sadaam gassed them for doing what WE asked them to do. Will that happen again if we do the same thing?? Of course, Sadaam is no longer in power to inflict that same kind of torture on those people, but, will those terrorist just take his place and do the same things? Or, when we leave, will all the Iraqis jump up and hug each other and sing kumbaya around the campfire??

Third, I do believe that EVERYBODY has a responsibility to take responsibility for their actions. Regardless of who you are and what that action is. And immediate pullout would say -- or rather be -- just like going into a china store, breaking a set of dishes, and feeling like you're not responsible for the loss. I'm sure that if it were your china store, you would definitely feel like some kind of compensation was in order.

I'm not saying that I believe we can "fix" what we have broken in Iraq. It is a mess beyond belief really, what is going on over there. And we aren't living it here, so it's much easier to put a pretty little bow on it and say "it's going to be okay". We are forcing democracy where I don't believe such a thing will work. Some other form of governance for the Middle East is in order, because they're form of society and living has never been condusive to a "democracy" type standard. But, we do owe them a solution. What the hell that might be ... I have no idea! But somebody needs to think of something. Roll Eyes

Six months of withdrawal would give us time to see what is going to happen as we leave, not when we leave. It would give us a chance to adjust and to see how much good (or bad) us leaving them to fend for themselves would do. It would enable a PLAN (which is a foreign concept to this whole operation!) which is something we should have had from the beginning and certainly would be more effective than what we're doing now.

I guess in short, an immediate pull out would be just as shortsided, brainless, immature and destructive as what GWB did by going in there the way he did in the first place. And that was the maximum amount of stupidity that needs to be dedicated to this situation.