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Reply to "Should Black People..."

QUOTE]Originally posted by AudioGuy:
Originally posted by Diamond:
A little fear is good!!

I had a experience when I was working and taking classes at the near-by university. I decided to walk several blocks from work to the unversity to buy books early for my upcoming classes. If you ever taken college classes you know what the book store line is like on the first day of classes! Well, as I was walking I notice this young black man walking a half a block behind. He was dressed in orange jean jacket and orange baggie pants to match. He was gaining on me so in FEAR I crossed the street. Well he passed me and I was relieved. When I arrived at the book store, the lines were getting long so I hurried and got my books and got in line. Holy moly, standing in front of me in line was the was the young man dressed in orange paying for his books by check. Hmm, shame on me for judging this young man without knowing anything about him.
Is there a correlation between "fear being good" and your bookstore experience?

It would seem to me that your fear was unwarranted... based on the story...[/QUOTE]

A little fear makes you aware of your surroundings when walking. I thought the young man was a THUG out to snatch my purse or an out-patient from the near-by asylum out to do me harm. Only to discover, the young man was doing what I was doing, continuing his education and buying books for class.