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Reply to "Should Black People..."


We should show them that it is safe to SHOP in our communities so that they can HAND US THEIR MONEY.
AUDIO did NOT ask an open-ended question. It already had a CONTEXT. Thank you. Matter of fact, he linked your Chosen Illiterate ass right to the CONTEXT.

The question itself, especially with the linked CONTEXT, betrays even the slightest notion that concerns/considerations about COMMERCE were ever even part of any conceiveable CONTEXT or purpose for asking the question:
    Should we seek to ease the discomfort that is felt by the viewers of negative images about us, in order to make them feel less threatened?
Seriously... could you tell us HOW YOU THINK White Folks are/feel *threatened* by Black Businesses (since you want to mention commerce)?? Could you tell use HOW YOU THINK White Folks are/feel *threatened* by "our schools which are not in working order"??? Threatened in the same way the CONTEXT explored the Perception Of "Threat" -- places where White Folks' sense of anxiety, fear... the apprehensive feeling of a "threat" appeared in places, Instances That Were UNAVOIDABLE (proverbial and perceived "wrong place at the wrong time" scenarios).

What you described, DUMB-Feed, are things that White Folks can casually ignore and, for the most part, AVOID. Black Businesses don't just happen to walk down the same dark street that a White person has to walk. White people can pass Black business after Black business and not be confronted with the prospect (in their perceptions) of being ROBBED (as a dependant consumer). In truth, very few if any have to go down that street. That is unless you can demonstrate how any significant number of Whites depend or otherwise rely on the products produced or sold by Black businesses. Of course, you and both know this doesn't align with things you believe or espouse.

So where is the real THREAT in the CONTEXT you want to install? i.e. an indication of something impending [even if only as a function of, in this case, White Perceptions].

In both of your scenarios, illustrate what's IMPENDING and UNAVOIDABLE for the White People you were talking about? How are those White Folks, the same ones you want to feel "safe" for Black Commerce purposes... HOW ARE THOSE WHITE FOLKS endangered or IN DANGER in any direct fashion by any potential or perceived BLACK THREAT?