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Reply to "Should Affluent Blacks Stay or Flee Blighted Communities."


I came from a poor country St. Kitts West Indies. I lived in a small village and my parents worked on a sugar cane plantation. I was fortunate that both my parents were motivated enough to want more for their children than to be cane workers.I still remember the house where I spent the first seven years of my life. One of my favorite toys was a stick and a steel rim from a bicyle that I would race my friends with down a dirt road in our village. Oh yea I was middleclass poor.
My father left the island and found work in his trade on several other islands. He saved his money until he had enough to go to Canada (he had to show his bank book at the Canadian embassy on a weekly basis to prove he was capable saving and be responsible prior to being allowed to emigrate). He worked in Canada for two years and saved enough to send for my mother, brother and me in the early seventies. I started school and had endure strange white kids asking about my funny accent.

My point is I truley know what it is to be poor and being on welfare in a subsidize house in America or Canada is not even close.

I also work with the poor in my community and sit on several community board groups who focus is the safety of the community and coordinating with various social agnecies aswell as advocacy for those citizens who can't represent themselves such as the mentally ill. The one thing that I find is that there is a lot of apathy.
For a community to really be a community everyone must contribute not just consume.

I do know what I am talking about as I have been doing it for over 19years. You can call it Social Darwinism or what ever, you still missed my point that sometimes a crisis is the only way that some people are going to be motivated to shift their ass. It is high time that we stop excusing a lack of an education for a person not to do what is right as there are more uneducated persons with common sense than there are educated with.

What are you doing for your community??