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Reply to "Should Affluent Blacks Stay or Flee Blighted Communities."

Originally posted by MBM:
Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

I personally live in an integrated community. We moved from a majority Black community. The only way that I would consider moving back is if EVERYONE in the community was bound to a convenance that was enforced.

Why did you choose to not move into Cascade or Guilford Forest or any of the middle class African American communities? You act as if you had no choice?

Brother MBM:

We moved FROM Fulton County.

In doing research on both the TAXES, insurance reduction and the school system there was simply no contest.

I INSTANTLY saved about $2000 per year in property taxes.

My auto insurance rate decreased nearly in half for 2 cars.

Fayette County's schools system ranks near the top of the state. My wife and I plan to have our children lift up or maintain this academic standard NOT drag upon it.

The house that I purchased in Fayette started out less expensive than anything of comparible size in the communities that you have mentioned. 8 years later our value has either caught up or exceeded these very areas. Taxes still being lower.

My subdivision is "gentrifying" Black. I am just fine with this. Out of the two new neighbors that I have gained this year - both share my same general values and both are good drinking buddies.

I am happy where I am. Don't plan to move.