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Reply to "Should Affluent Blacks Stay or Flee Blighted Communities."

Originally posted by Blacksanction:
Anywhere that the crackheads can't follow.

The cold reality is you can't save everyone and if folks are not interested in helping themselves then too bad, time to move on. I had posted previously that in order to change behaviour you sometimes have to create an urgency perhaps abandonment will motivate the drowners to kick their feet and save themselves.

Its time to make serious hard choices not continue to feed the blood sucking vermin that live off the good people in the cummunity.

You seem to be saying that people are all poor because they are just lazy. Your plan would leave a good 80%+ of the commnunity SOL. What kind of plan is that? Out of sight, out of mind? That sounds too close to Social Darwinism.

You should read my thread on gentrification. This isn't all on the poor. The middle class and the wealthy class are also responsible for why so many people are poor and remain poor. Your view of poor people seems typical of a person who lived a middle-class, privileged life. "Oh, those poor people? Why can't they just all get jobs/better-paying jobs? Oh come on, people are just poor because they don't work hard enough."

You can work 5 jobs, and if you are undereducated, all of them are minimum wage, and the city goverment works to benefit wealthy investors, and purposely works to benefit corporations and keep you poor, you cannot win.

Rich people are just as much to blame for poor people being poor as poor people are (probably even more so). I'm sorry, but this Rush Limbaugh/Ronald Reagan-like philosophy just doesn't add up to reality.
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