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Reply to "Should Affluent Blacks Stay or Flee Blighted Communities."

Originally posted by sunnubian:

I grappled with the same thing years ago sort of, and after coming to the conclustion that too many of our people DO NOT WANT help, advice, concern from other Blacks (but will suck it up like kool-aid) if it is coming from some other (usually white) race/group of people; and after accepting the fact that the same community that I was living in had changed drastically from the time we first moved their to the time I had a family of my own. Although, it had not yet become a matter of being dangerous, it was weighed down with some of the most ignorant, uninformed, unambitiously satisfied negroes you could imagine.

After I came to the conclusion that the major problem with the poor black communities is not that they are poor, but that in reality, like any other community, children are influced as much by their environment as they are their parents, i.e., two parents (or one parent) inside their homes influence + 300+ people outside their homes directly and/or indirectly influencing young minds, well the parents or parent is grossly out numbered; (and after watching documentaries, news, movies, etc., about the most horrible places that Black people lived in America, and saying to myself, why don't they just leave?/ if it were me, I would get on a bus, train, plane and go to the smallest, safest little town in America to get away from all that, etc.) I decided that if I wanted my children to be influenced primarily by me and a predominately positive greater community environment and direct as well as indirect influences, then my choice had to be to move.

I chose to move for the sake of my children's well being, otherwise, had I chose to not have children, I think I would have stayed. After coming to the above conclusion, I did decide that my career would be primarily social service, legal and volunteering; my way of not completely turning my back on the community, yet not force the negative influences of the community down the throats of my children while trying to live my ideology as if it would only have and impact on my life alone.

So, it would be great if Black people did not abandon the Black community, but at what price? The way I see it, you don't have to live in the belly of the beast to not forget that you came from it, or to give something back to those still there, or to have an impact on it.

I agree.

I also have to add:

1) We should create change and reform in economics to provide more federal aid and create more better-paying jobs to people in impovershed neighborhoods. There should be more scholarships awarded to good students in these neighborhoods to encourage higher college enrollment. There should also be more school education in these places the encourages professional careers.

2) Those of us who have "moved out" and "made it" should send aid to our relatives still in those places to help them have a chance at bettering their living standard, and possibly helping others out in the Community.