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Reply to "Should Affluent Blacks Stay or Flee Blighted Communities."

Hummm. The truth comes out when it's "Just Us Chickens".

As I said yesterday - the Black community is in the middle of a CULTURAL WAR. The Sambos have won the first battle. What you are really saying Uppity is that the environment that the SAMBOS have created have made you fear your once safe and peaceful community. There are thousands and thousands of Black mothers who do not allow their young children to play outside in front of their house for fear of being hit by a stray bullet.

It is time that we MANAGE our communities, block by block and make sure that each of the residents live according to some type of standard. I have advocated the need for a "Community Covenance" for all such communities. In the subdivision that I live in we are required to sign on to these rules for living as a condition of living here. It is for the shared interests of the community for everyone to maintain their property.

Those who are in REBELLION have taken over. They have struggled for so long AGAINST the system that when it comes time for them to build their own system their "rebellion training" has not prepared them adequately to do so.

I may be disagreeable to many of the PERSPECTIVES that you all have BUT I AM NOT BLIND NOR CRAZY. By attacking me you are not doing one thing to address the critical issues that impact far more Black people than you want to acknowledge.

We need a FUNCTIONAL CULTURE to be implemented in these communities.
Ideally we need CONSCIOUS Black people to move in and have the SAMBOS to change their ways or be shunned. Right now you all use too much energy to SHUN those disagree with you ideologically BUT SAY NOTHING TO THOSE SAMBOS WHO ARE PROVING TO BE THE MOST HARMFUL TO YOU.

The reason why you see so many Asians, Indians and Jews peddling their wares to Black folks in urban shopping centers is because they are merchants and they have been watching you and "your people" and how Blacks tick. This is not a "conspiracy". Black folks buy right into it. Black people's consumer behavior in the context of Asians living in America is a microcosim to America's consumer behavior with respect to China.

Black America will have to decide to relinquish some of their AMERICAN STANDARD OF LIVING in order to draw back and walk upon a path that builds up the community for the community's interest.

I personally live in an integrated community. We moved from a majority Black community. The only way that I would consider moving back is if EVERYONE in the community was bound to a convenance that was enforced.

So often folks focus on DEMANDING upon the "non-SAMBO Blacks". We need to start asking that the "SAMBO BLACKS" live up to some standards.

Absent any standards for them to live up to THEY WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU as they live DOWN to your low expectations that you have assigned to them.