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Reply to "Sherri Shepherd’s estranged husband wanted to add sex, weight management clause to their prenup"

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  

He must be a real insecure "man"/man-boy to take the time to actually write out these "demands" to his own wife in the first place.  


  Yeah.  That's the way some black men are.  They have all these demands but lack on what they bring to the table.  I would be insulted if my dude told me to watch my weight and then have me sign an agreement on it?  I would go bananas.   See men talk all that shyte about what they want from us....but!  Don't wanna do a DAMN thing to earn it.  


If he's doing what he's supposed to be doing as a man, there is so much that would just comes natural and there would be no need for him to write-out-verbatim such demands.  


I think he was there for the money.  And home boy aint no looker either.  So what he got that he has to make all these ridiculous demands?  He ain't got no money either.  What the hell did Sherry see in him?  I hope she wasn't lonely and settled.  


It would be my guess that he, evidently, is lacking something to begin with that he already knows is going to interfere with a natural, loving and sensuous relationship with a woman.


That's cuz they took courtship outta the mix.  Hell I don't know what I would have done without courtship cuz I am an acquired taste.  As soon as I open my mouth men [well insecure black men] want to start whipping my ass cuz they cannot DEAL with what I have to say.  Cute don't work no more.  Ha!  When I was younger I could get away with it sometimes.   But now?  Some men are SERIOUS about their manhood.  And since I've always said what's on my mind popular or not....I'm kinda hard to handle for some men.  So for me?  Courtship was my savior.  Women today are too much in a rush to feel that they say to themselves "I have to have a man so folks will see my value."  And when women think like that?  They get men like home Sally.  Did Sherry flea dip him?  Probably not.  Cuz if she had?  She would have KNOWN what kind of man she was dealing with from jump street. But! 

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