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Reply to "shag, marry, push off a cliff..."

Originally posted by nayo:
Originally posted by Frenchy:
nayo, what are the new choices?

Shag, Marry, Push off a cliff, lunch

Samuel Jackson
Don Cheadle
Delroy Lindo
that 'studly' African hunk in 'Phat Girlz'
Wesly Snipes (smirk;however I do/did find him sexy)

Ummmm... Kiss...-Delroy Lindo....
Ummmm.... Marry...-- Don Cheadle (fa sho!)
Escort to the edge of a cliff..--- Wesley Snipes
Have lunch with......---whoever the hunk is in Phat Girlz (don't know much about him)

Kiss?, Marry?, Lunch?, Escort to the edge of a cliff?

1. Colin Powell
2. Al Sharpton
3. Jesse Jackson
4. Barack Obama (sp?)