Reply to "sexually repressed?"

Well that may be true, but the reason points back to moral decay and thus again the juxtaposition of morality and being sexually "open" has ramification that affect the collective society. Society has simply digressed to the point of not having expectations of morality anymore, but has replaced those social virtues with the expectation of pleasure maximization.

But still I never stated that MEN EXPECT their wives to be virgins. I said that they would prefer the virgin to the skilled seasoned professional. I do believe that most young men in their prime would prefer someone closer to a virgin than closer to a seasoned professional as his wife. As I stated, the older a person is the less such expectations remain.

Truth is always fraught with impediments. Truth agreed with is a blessed duet. Truth confronting beloved vice will sever relationships, perpetrate flight, and uncover murderous rage. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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