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I understand your point and it's a good one, concerning monogamy and what goes on between mutually consenting adults seeking to demonstrate their love by attempting to maximize pleasure to their mate. However, I do believe that immorality can indeed take place within the morality of monogamy (assuming heterosexual marriage). Monogomy can take place outside of marriage, but all sexual activity would then be fornication, which is immoral from a biblical sense. I do not know if morality is even the correct word to use in this particular context. That having been said, I do think that we live in an age of short-term relationships, regardless if they are monogamous during their duration. Thus, the next relationship one enters will come with expectations or benchmarks of pleasure giving, that may leave you wanting and unsatisfied with "normal" sexuality. Furthermore, I still believe that a man would much rather have a virgin as a wife, than a seasoned professional women. Now what he expects her to do exclusively for him after marriage may consist of being "open" to many ideas, but a man generally does not want a bride who has been sexually "open" and exploring with a lot of different guys. Of course, the older one gets the more such expectations lessons as one assumes that they will not find a women over a certain age who has not been around the block a few times. But for individuals in their 20's getting married for the first time, the males usually have such expectations. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but I think that most "good men" do not like the thought of that idea.

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