Reply to "sexually repressed?"

i know and i think we all know that sex is everywhere. internet, tv, movies, music...its hard to get away from it. but i dont think that was my question.

yes, people have the ability to dip their toes into ideas/fantasies-or take the full plunge via the internet in a undetected ways. and maybe there are some black women who you'd never think of out there doing that--but that's not my question either.

i think ocatchings caught what i was trying to get at:

I would say if anything they are conservative, but put on the act of sexually adventuresome and outgoing

i've read and heard it from family and friends that black women don't do "nasty" stuff like that (give head for example)...that's for ho's and trashy women. i've heard this from the spectrum of aunties, to young sisters at hbcu's.

i know we have our un-inhibited women out there--in life and online--women who are in touch (pun intended) with themselves, comfortable with themselves, and not ashamed of sex or nudity...but is a larger part of our sisterhood (young and old) on the other end of the spectrum??

and are some of those women who "seem" to be in touch really just puttin up a front (as ocatchings said) to keep a man from straying??

not that anything can keep anyone from walkin out the door.

The wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy, the wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim. -Maya Angelou