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Reply to "Selective Outcry: The World Came Together After the Paris and Brussels Terrorist Attacks, But Who Will #PrayForNigeria?"

 We're all just human beings. We have names of separation:  African ,European, separation in religious beliefs: Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, etc. Forget all of that; we're just people. How did so many people become so FUCKING CRAZY?????? That's the $64,000 question.

The atrocities these people are performing are indescribable. Beheadings, Bombings, Bombs dropping on people from way up in the air, rapes, killings of all kinds by all kinds of crazy, crazy men.

Folks need to go home, close their doors, put on some cool, cool music and CHILL. Give the world a rest. You're not superior, the best looking, the smartest, the anything. You're just an insane human being if you partake in such horrendous things.  If everyone was so damn "good looking", there'd be no need for plastic surgeons or Cremation #5 makeup (Funky Dineva  ) spread all over your ugly mugs with caterpillars taking the place for eyelashes.

It's sad to see people get obliterated on TV, it could have been my behind had I been there; that's what makes it so sad. You're toodling along, minding your business, enjoying yourself, saying good bye to relatives at an airport; trying to get to Point B from Point A on a subway, next thing that happens:  You're no longer You. You have been obliterated totally by some assholes that wanted to die, but had to take hundreds with them. There are no words for all the madness people are participating in. For what? To belong?? Are there any more people on the planet that can think independently and realize when something's WRONG; it's NOT to be performed. No one lives forever; it would be cooler than cool, if we could all live in peace with others minding their business.

If you think of all the creatures you COULD HAVE HIT THE PLANET AS, being a human being is kind of nice, whatever your color or hair texture; if it's appreciated the way most mothers intended your lives to be.

Too bad COMMON SENSE can't be bought at a popular shopping place or just distributed no price attached to billions of people.

Stop killing and turning people into spaghetti and take a walk through a beautiful park if you can find one, somewhere, and bask in that BEAUTY and get off the DEATH DESTRUCTION. Who's going to be left to clean up that mammoth mess of rubble that you've placed EVERYWHERE?  You going to look for some slaves to come to the rescue? How about doing it yourselves, if you SURVIVE?????????????????????????????? Whatcha going to do for food and clothes?? What are you all trying to prove and to whom??????????????????????????? All your leaders you're following are worth this?????????????????????????????????

Leaders to the grave. Leaders to the grave. Leaders to the grave.

Where are the leaders to LIFE and HAPPINESS????????????????????????




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