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Reply to "Sago Mine Explosion - Another Bushco Production?"

Dr. Kevin:

It is clear that you prefer a Black man who you can easily draw upon. You prefer to have Black folks commit to simple "Yes or No" questions rather than be able to justify their positions.

I am convinced that you are more comfortable with a Black man who doesn't know much BUT who supports your position and when challenged resorts to the cry of RACISM rather than a Black man who DISAGREES WITH YOU AND CAN ARTICULATE WHY HE THINKS THAT WAY. YOU ARE A SHORT SIGHTED IDEOLOGUE (read - a LIBERAL fundementalist). Your struggle is IN THE CONTEXT OF AMERICA. Your only hope is that AMERICA WILL BREAK SOMETHING OFF TO YOU. You have no RADICAL or REVOLUTIONARY goals in for BLACK PEOPLE THOUGH. You have REFORM OF WHITE FOLKS as your main goal.

What is it - 33 million Black folks in American now and yet you focus so much of your energy on a select few of them who are in disagreement with your ideology. Why Kevin? Why is the Black man who disagrees with you so much of a threat?

Why is it that Black man who EMBARASES YOU with his crime? With his lyrics? With his INARTICULATE TALK when interviewed after the sporting event NOT A BIGGER THREAT TO YOUR SENSIBILITIES?

What is it Kevin?

Think about the "HNIC" theory where as long as this one Black man was the only company Nigger he was happy. When the second, third and forth one came in - he felt threatened. When the one that had the college degree, was articulate and was hired on at a higher position came in - THE HNIC REALLY FLIPPED OUT. He began telling his WHITE BOSS the trash that this other Black man has done. He longed for the day where HE WAS THE ONLY PERSPECTIVE BEING REPRESENTED.

In my view THIS is the problem with the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist. He does not want anyone else to destroy his system in America.