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Sago Mine Explosion - Another Bushco Production?

Administration Neglected Coal Mining Safety

Bloomberg reports that:
    Federal authorities issued 21 citations last year for a build-up of combustible materials at the West Virginia mine where 12 men died, according to U.S. Labor Department statistics.

The catastrophic results of an administration's disregard for government regulations, particularly those that protect workers in potentially dangerous occupations, is evidenced by the Sago explosion.

  • ... The Washington Post reported that West Virginia coal firms raised $275,000 for Bush.

    Last September, Bush rewarded the coal industry by placing coal industry veteran Richard Stickler in charge of MSHA. Stickler spent about 30 years as a coal company manager with Beth Energy. Mines managed by Stickler were marked by worker injury rates that were double the national average, according to government data cited by the United Mine Workers union.

But we shouldn't even mention it. We all got our share of coal, the company only had to pay "nusiance" fines for the numerous OSHA violations and were still able to pay the really big bucks to the executives, the miners got paid and their families were fed... so what's a few dead bodies towards that noble end?!

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