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Originally posted by Vox:
I would LIKE to agree with you, but unless a whole new thought process emerges among those who would lead there, I just don't know where I can derive a basis for a more hopeful belief.

African leaders have got to embrace the position that black life is not cheap. Until that happens, the problem areas in Africa will continue to be lost causes. I appreciate your perspective, Oshun, and I hope history proves you right and me wrong.

This is where we are thinking differently...You are waiting on the "leaders" to become benevolent...not going to happen.

The history of this country alone should teach that lesson. Actually, history in general should teach us this. If African/Black people in the U.S. never organized and fought for our rights would the "leaders" of the U.S. ever become benevolent and change their actions/policies towards African/Black people?...I think not. It's arguable that they NEVER actually changed their mind... but they had to change the way they acted. Not because they thought "Black life was more valuable" but because an organized and mobilized people cannot be played with...the French revolution also tells of does any other mass movement in history.

The masses of the people will decide what the leaders will and won't do. The leaders won't change their minds until the masses get organized behiond a commen ideology and goal.

The Elite didn't "want to" desegregate...they had to. My faith is in the people...not in any leaders...African or otherwise.

The leaders are always running behind the people trying to catch up and run infront to proclaim they came up with the ideas... The movement of the masses dictates the outcome. If the masses don't move then the leaders won't.

Or do you expect folks like Bush to have a change of heart? If the Amerikkkan people don't force him too then same thing applies...

Or maybe the South African people should have waited for the people running the Apartheid regime to value Black life?