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Reply to "R.Kelly compares himself to Osama"

I see. That puts a different stance on the whole case. Nothing like you mentioned has been revealed in the original post. This now confirms in my mind that he has to be innocent because no sane authority would allow the evidence to circulate in the public domain like you have described.

Your way of doing things in the US is very strange. For example in the UK if this video is circulating as you said it would destroy the case and the Judges would throw the case out when it came to a hearing as they jury would be prejudised. To prevent this the prosecution would take out injunctions to stop such a thing from happening unless they know the video out there is not genuine.

American justice sounds more and more like the laws of the jungle the more you hear about it. One law for the rich and influential and another for the poor.

Despite this I would still stress let the man have his day in court. If he is guilty he would go down. I also believe that if the video you say is circulating is genuine the authorities would have had the case done and and dusted by now because that is the evidence and they have it.

What I know is I am a professional myself in computer graphics and video editing. I can show a clip of you having sex with Dubya himself if I lay hands on an original video clip of you. All I would do is manipulate the footage using some powerful computer software out there. The video is more than likely a fake and has been put out by people hoping to make a fast buck.

My suspicion is the authorities do not have ANY evidence that is why the there has been no date set for a hearing. Talk to any lawyer and they would confirm what I am saying that the prosecution does not drag its feet when they know they have a solid case and are going to win in court.

I believe this why there is support building up for the brother as you say. I believe these brothers can see it is the system out to destroy one of our own that is making it on his own.

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