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Reply to "Riches under rice in alleged Madagascar land grab"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  My brotha  it's gonna take SELF-IDENTITY and SELF-LOVE.  And acceptance of other folks point of view outside of the usual "masters" propaganda regarding the history of slavery in the continent of Africa.  I remember watching the movie Sarafina starring Whoopi Goldberg. There were two pivotal  scenes:  (1) When Whoopi began teaching the real story of her [I think it was South Africa] country's subjugation by Europeans to her students and (2) When the powers that be tossed her off a building for telling that story.  



I'm a sistah, not a brotha. 


It's a shame that even black Africans have forgotten their true history. It is like they have been placed under a spell. I don't even think there are any griots alive now in Africa. 


The entire (true) history of the world is hidden and falsified. Blacks were not just confined to Africa. The ancient 'Chinese,' 'Japanese,' and 'Greeks' were even black. The world according to whites classify a black person as having dark skin, a broad nose, thick lips, and kinky hair. So what are dark skinned (east) Indians called? Some of them are just as dark (if not darker) than the darkest black African. Yet, they have been classified (by white anthropologists, of course) as Caucasian. Seriously? Yet, these same anthropologists would classify a light-skinned person with light colored (tightly curled) hair, light eyes, and European facial features as black. That's how crazy-hypocritical their 'science' is! What race are dark skinned Indians of the Americas and dark skinned Thai? Has it not occurred to them (white so-called scientists) that all dark skinned people on this planet are one race: Black? We are the same but are of different tribes! Look at the tribes of sub-Saharan Africa. They don't even look the same. We have all been hoodwinked! We should all be united as one, not divided by superficial or tribal differences!


The Africa They Never Show You:


Videos of A Few Tribes (tried to avoid the ones that were exploitative):


Yeah. Um. Right.


Doesn't she look like some sisters you know? Look at the broad nose and chocolate skin tone.


East Indians have to remind themselves that black is beautiful:


Some dark skinned people of India:


More examples of how white supremacy has permeated all parts of the world:


What Native Americans looked like before race mixing:



The ancient Olmecs:


The Original Chinese:


More on what the earliest Asians looked like with images of ancient Greeks thrown in:


This is just the tip of the iceberg. 


We need to WAKE UP.