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Reply to "Reverend Al to the Rescue"

Originally posted by shebakoby:

ROFLMFAO. Why the F*** should I "preach to the choir"?? If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and LOOKS like a duck, guess what IT'S A DUCK. If it walks like a LIBERAL, talks like a LIBERAL, and debates like a LIBERAL, IT'S A LIBERAL.
Funny, that's my opinion about RACIST, WHITE SUPREMACY attitudes.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and LOOKS like a duck, guess what IT'S A DUCK.

Yeah! No need to have a confession. No need for someone to think they did something worng in their own minds. Jails are full of people who believe they are "innocent" Roll Eyes and did nothing wrong and have a good rationale (to them) for how what they did wasn't wrong. Then too, plenty of criminals are careful not to incriminate themselves. Hell, even an "innocent" little child will lie if they think there's some punishment forthcoming for telling the truth against themselves.

Side Note:
BTW, I recall a very strong lesson and emphasis placed on "Telling The Truth Even If It Is Against Yourself" coming from my experience and study of Islam as oppose to my Christian experience.

Note: The TEN COMMANDMENTS only require that you not "bear false witness against your neighbor", though I'm sure lying is not condoned per se.

Quran 4:135
This crazy talk about race-based thinkage is totally insane. Dude you need professional shrink help.
Well, if that's so then how is it you believe there is such a thing as a "Black" mentality - i.e. thinkage - that associates academic pursuits with "ACTING WHITE". Certainly, that must be free of any attributable race based features according to you? But you believe it exist as such?... As a mentality that is indicative of how some Black people think to exclusion of any other race, mind you.

You also believe in race "thinkage" when you promote this idea that Black people think ALL White people are racist. What...??? Is that different??

Note: There are plenty of people (one's you would call "Liberal") of all races who speak about racism in the same terms Black people do. I guess that's enough to legitimize Black people's thoughts on racism huh?
...I found it interesting that he said she SHOULD get a vote regardless... So this is "imposition" now?
The "IMPOSITION" comes in with thinking that the f*ckin' shit that interest you and particularly your spin is of any interest to us. More specifically, the thought and presumption that it is an issue to us - i.e. Sharpton wanting a vote is a NON-ISSUE here, at least with me.

The presumption is [1] That Al Sharpton endorsement of the "vote" issue has some weight with how the hell we feel; and [2] That such a vote would be opposed by us as he laid out his views on it.

Simply, you've made a big issue out of a NON-ISSUE. All of which is derived from your Left-Right think which is an IMPOSITION of how you see the world when you've been told that's not the consensus here at least not in the same way you view it.
BTW my grandma's neighbor in Estevan Saskatchewan used to tell her "Close the gate, darkie"--so I'm not _all_ white, dude!
What...?? Now your color matters?

The fact remains that you express opinions that are associated with the way "White" people primarily think. You actual skin color has nothing to do with it. It should not be so hard to understand unless you can tell me you were eduated by Afrocentricist or something or someone whose ideas aren't derived from WHITE Western Traditional thinking and perspectives... The Liberal ~ Conservative construct is patently "White" and has much less meaning or applicability to Black people or at least nowhere near relevance it seems to have for you and "pure" WHITES.

For the record, there are "pure" Blacks that think that way too. But that's all about what their perspective is and the importance they ascribe to certain things about the "Black experience" and Black history is to them.

Your objection would have some basis if it wasn't like so many other things based on a double-standard you have - i.e. inconsistency and selective application of it.

There's a world of difference between truth and facts.
Facts can obscure truth.
- Maya Angelou