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Reply to "Resegregation of North Carolina Schools Leads to Massive Protests"

Vox, I agree with your sentiment of wanting children to be able to go to school in their own neighborhoods, but I think that this has to be weighed over against issues such as allocation of resources and opportunities. If it can be guaranteed that schools in the black communities have the same resources and opportunities as those in white majority communities, the situation might be palatable. In fact, I would go farther and suggest, if there is a guarantee in place that students attending schools in the black community have the same graduation rate, test scores, and college admissions, then I could care less about the racial demographics in the class room, they could be as segregated as they want to be.

AMEN to that, kresge!! 

I was "bussed" from what I thought was a pretty adequate school in the predominantly Black middle-class neighborhood that I lived in.  My bro and sis had attended that same school 6 or 7 years earlier when the neighborhood was "mixed" (before the White flight when families like mine moved in! ).

But when I got to the massive 'White' school perched high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean as a scenic backdrop, with the athletic area/football field that itself was almost as big as my entire 'neighborhood' school .... there was simply no comparison!

The "White" school had one of the first "open campuses" in the district, which meant that the students could come and go as they pleased (there were no fences, no signed 'permission slips' were needed to leave, we could walk to McDonald's for lunch if we wanted to!).  At the "Black" school, there was a gate that surrounded the entire grounds which students cut holes in so the students could ditch, security guards were on constant patrol, and one was posted at the front door to monitor who went in and out!

And, surprise, surprise, the dropout rate was higher at the Black school than at mine.

Our kids aren't just bussed to a better education (which, with all the amenities those schools provide, they do probably get!) ... they are bussed to a 10-times better school and learning environment overall ... which can make the difference in being motivated to learn or not.
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