Reply to "Report Warns "Fix the Debt" a Front for More Corporate Bailouts"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

"The Question to keep in mind and watch how many Democrats (including President Obama) buy into the conservative framing of the issue."


Since we all know that President Obama is not stupid, if he does 'buy into' this deceptive framing of the issue, it would only be because he is doing so deliberately, or with eyes wide open.  Should this happen, President Obama will leave office the most hated man in America, maybe even the world, for selling out the American economy to big business, wall street, and special interest groups, just like republicans have been doing all along.  


You know, there are people who expressed that same sentiment when President Obama bought into the 'Debt Ceiling' framing last summer.....even after having it laid out to him by a reporter......

When it was shown that he did have the authority to circumvent the conservative/republican noise and BS on the issue.....he announce his intention to do no such thing. 


His own language and framing of the "debt issue" is what is giving people serious concerns over what he'll decide to do.


Keep in mind every budget has two coming in and money going out.  The problem is not enough money coming in ......the response and demands are to cut the money going out.  The timid tax increases from ~35% to 39% in the face of a history of ~90% marginal tax rates in the 1940's and ~70% until Reagan makes this ENTIRE discussion and issue..........