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  Why is ANYONE surprised that we are lagging behind other countries...and the sad part is we are lagging behind some third-world countries!  All kids have to do is go to school and participate....but!  It's no longer that easy with all this news biting event of teachers prey on children sexually, gang violence, an inferior educational system-it almost feels like back in the day when blacks were getting whites' hand me down torn and almost destroyed books. .......


 You will get this look    which explains how Toni Braxton could lose  millions of dollars in the beginning of  her career and how rappers with diamonds in the mouths can no longer buy food to put in their mouths.  So something went wrong in terms of how we value education...and it FIRST ...started ...[this decay of wanting quality education] the black it's rotten to the core.  But! 


Why should Black Americans be concerned about the US relative to other countries?


Why haven't we created a reading list for Black kids even if White Americans do not?


The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh From the Lemonade Stand

Radically Simple Accounting by Madeline Bailey


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