Reply to "Report: 1 In 4 Americans Completing High School Late, Students Lag Behind Other Countries"

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If the kids are being sabotaged in grade school then what do you expect?


How many children find grade school boring?  I can't recall a single interesting book provided or suggested by any of my grade school teachers.


But when I started reading science fiction on my own my mother told me they were "something crazy".


I loaned a book to a Black woman I was trying to hit on written by a famous Black female SF author.  I think it is her best book.


The woman didn't like the cover.  The story was too "weird".  She gave it back.


I am gong to be blunt.  Most Black women do not believe in "education" they believe in "SCHOOLING", and then let White folks define what they are.  The only reason I trust White people to tell me the time of day is because it is so easy to check.


How can double-entry accounting be SEVEN HUNDRED YEARS OLD and they don't even talk about it being mandatory in the schools but then have you read Catcher in the Rye?  The so called educational system is a pretense and a SCAM.  Lots of White folks are complaining about it but even the complainers don't talk about having a reading list.


The trouble with a truly good reading list available to EVERYONE is that it would be too egalitarian.  It is not like I haven't met Black people who think they are smart who want to hide information also.  Computer everywhere that are all von Neumann machines but you never hear the term von Neumann machine but it is easy to search on but that still probably won't have a good explanation.


I think this is good even though it is not science fiction, but it does say something about technology and society.


The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington


It got a Pulitzer Prize in 1919 so the Literary crowd can't complain.  But it shows technology affecting society and economics.  That is what computers are doing now.



Another point, school is boring AND kids are not given the chance to get ahead (which is not realistic) without being penalized. I agree Xum.