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Reply to "Reparations v. Eliminating Race Specific Claims"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
Thank you...

I looked it up... What is your take or your wife's take on how the measure has played out?

I came across one reference that talked about the oppressive violence that ensued in an effort to stop the indigenuous/Blacks from taking advantage. Another reference spelled out the politics and talked more philosophically about what the measure represented. Just wondering what either of you knew about how successful it actually is in practice and what problems you are aware of...

Well, if you read the articles in my "Blacks in Colombia" thread, then you probably know about as much about it as I do. It looks like several millions of acres have been claimed under the law, but that for the most part, the law exists mainly on paper, because of the war going on. Even having collective title to land may not mean much if you find yourself displaced by paramilitaries or guerillas.

Colombia has the largest number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of any country in America. In fact, even worldwide, Colombia ranks second only to Sudan in terms of the number of IDP's. I think that at least 2/3 of the IDP's in Colombia are Black. So huge numbers of Afrocolombians are being forced off of their ancestrial homelands (with the help of US taxpayer dollars, btw).

Nevertheless, I'd like to know more about the Law 70, and exactly how it works, because it does exist on paper, and I think that it could be very important in the future. So far as I know, it is the only law of its kind anywhere in the world, in terms of political, cultural, economic, and territorial autonomy in relation to the African Diaspora.

As for my wife, she tends to focus on more concrete and pragmatic issues, like helping her family and (very large) extended family and friends. She's rather cynical when it comes to politics, as are many Colombians (and not without good reason!).