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Reply to "Reparations v. Eliminating Race Specific Claims"

Some suggest that they fear that if reparations are awarded that it will prevent African Americans from any future right to legal redress against discrimination.

Aside from whether you think this argument makes sense or not, would you agree to a reparations award (of an agreeable amount) if the "cost" was any future opportunity to pursue legal remedy under a race specific claim? You could sue under any race neutral Constitutional protection but any race specific laws would be removed from the books.---MBM

Absolutely not!!!

Reparations is about past debt.

Satisfying that debt does nothing to give European-America a 'free ticket' to commit future violations of law on any basis, and specifically regarding violaltions based on 'race and/or color'.

No one would be so stupid as to do such a thing.

Well...maybe the NAACP.

And...the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

And...the Urban League.

And, of course, CORE

Damn!!! Would these be the folks who would sign such an agreement.

Who would do that, signing that is?

And, no, there can be no removal of law.

That would be just plain stupid.

Not even the leaders of the groups listed are that dumb.


Jim Chester