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Reply to "Reparations for Native Americans?"

Have reparations been paid to Native Americans for their loss here in this country?

Obviously various treaties were enacted which carved out reservations, tax benefits etc., but do you think they have been adequately compensated for the crimes that America bestowed upon her?
While it's clear you wanted those to be two related questions, one clarifying the other... it's clear those are two separate questions with two different answers.

As you've had to concede, Native Americans have, to some extent (even in a woefully inadequate sense) "received" Reparations. Evenso, it's clear Native Americans haven't been adequately compensated. That goes without saying especially since I've already said it.

As to whether a Reparations victory for African-Americans would aid Native Americans, I guess that would depend on the areas in which they may seek to claim damages. From a legal standpoint, the question would be what prospective legal/moral doctrine which would potentially win African-American Reparations would Native Americans be able to borrow.

To be honest, I don't know because I haven't considered or read much about on-going Native American quest(s) for Reparations and the grounds they are being pursued on. I think having actual information/knowledge about that would be the only way to answer your question.

Are there "slave labor" claims Native Americans have? Is there some opposition to Native American restitution/reparations on the grounds of the Statute of Limitations idea?

Of course, I'm all for Native Americans claims and at the same time envious... as I've expressed that before, in a round-about way.