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Reply to "Reintroduce What, CNN? Network’s New Lineup Looks Just As Vanilla As Before"

Quote by sunnubian: " America's racist have been hard at work behind the scenes as well as out front doing what they do best to undue and social progress that was being made, just as they did in the 70s, 60s, after Emancipation and during Jim Crow."

I don't think it's just racist Whites working hard behind the scenes but so called non racist Whites working on stage out front who are in cahoots, colluding or conspiring together secretly as a partnership.... hard at work with a smile on their faces fooling the masses providing the needed coverage and concealment for racist Whites to do their behind the scenes dirty work of dismantling decades of social progress. 

Since President Obama took office and the shock waves permeated and spread throughout White America, none of them were happy because they all saw America and the world changing and they got really scared because their place in society as the dominant race in America is about to be toppled and that doesn't sit well with non racist as well as racist Whites.

All that "were now in a post racist society since Obama is elected" is total bullshit.


In almost 4 and a half years, I have yet to see or hear ANY non racist Whites individually or collectively, publically admonish, rally and rail against racist Whites for their words, deeds or actions since Obama took office.

All they do is the basic sugar coat for racist Whites (calling it politics) and when they do try and attempt to do it, it's always targeted to the usual suspects....KKK, Aryan Nation/Neo Nazi or militia groups that are the normal easy targets that's no surprise to any Whites racist or not.

No Whites like what America future holds for them regarding population, social and political dominance and right now they feel really threatened since Republican Mitt Romney didn't win the Presidency that was supposed to reset the clock back to White conservatism that returned their country and power back that they could capitalize on down the road.

And now in their minds, the only thing that's hopeful is that they elect a White Republican President and if a White Democrat is elected in 2016, pray that the White President will "do the right thing" simply because they're White.

And if they don't get either, Whites will feel trapped in a corner, see no way out and purposely try and blow everything up to include themselves in order for this minority social and political changes to not happen,

IMO, they will commit mass suicide on themselves and if we are not careful, will take all of us with them.

American Whites know as a race they failed to rid themselves of Obama and because of that, are desperately in a full mode panic right now. They know their numbers are severely dwindling, they NEVER WANTED accepted minorities for any reason what so ever and have no support system except for themselves.

Whites thought that slavery would last forever because it was deemed God's will. They thought Jim Crow would last forever and they also KNEW that Romney was going to beat Obama because they along with Romney, truly believed that Whites would never make the same mistake twice by reelecting a Black man.

They were wrong then and now to their total horror and detriment to future progress, the numbers going forward against them don't lie.