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Reply to "Reintroduce What, CNN? Network’s New Lineup Looks Just As Vanilla As Before"


The re-introduction of CNN once again, back to White America.

Regarding diversity, CNN can say they have diversity because if you look at that 12 person line-up above, you have 3 minorities in that grouping:


Sanjay Gupta, Christine Amanpour and Fareed Zakaria....who aren't White but Indian Muslim Americans that satisfies their affirmative action/diversity quota and since they aren't Black, White viewers are not going to complain because all 3 have been solid regulars on cable news and political talk shows for years and aren't expected to support/cheer lead for Blacks.


President Obama is almost 3.5 years and a wake-up from leaving the Presidency and the White House so CNN and other networks have started clearing the decks early getting rid of Blacks so when the next White President enters the White House, it's won't be such a shock to both Black and White people when the next White President arrives by blood letting Blacks at that time.

Not many Blacks are really paying attention right now and if they are, they are complaining a little but it would be really different if the blood letting of Blacks started later than sooner.

Now as the ratings dip because of the sudden changes, they see this as normal because as Blacks and Hispanics leave, Whites who left will be returning.

For Donna Brazile, Roland Martin, Soledad O' Brian etc who didn't get their contracts renewed even though they didn't do anything wrong expect for being Black, CNN will come back to them and offer them contracts once again but probably "limited contracts" without with the same visibility and vigor that they previously had while Obama was on office.

And I'll bet the same will happen to all the Sunday political talk shows with regular Blacks the closer Obama gets to leaving.

I am waiting to see when MSNBC starts getting rid of Al Sharpton from their line up because the only reason he even got a gig is because he dearly supports President Obama and the closer Obama is to leaving, Rev. Al's days are numbered.

Also MSNBC is going with younger Black anchors like Melissa Harris Perry and others while ridding themselves of the older "mother and father figure" news anchors.

This reminds me of our slave history when slaves from Africa were captured and stolen from their homeland and transported by slave ships for months at sea.

The slave ships were either loaded with the intended amount of slaves based on the size of the ship's cargo hold or they acquired more slaves than expected based on the slave buyer's demands.

At some point of the long journey if it came down to not having enough food/supplies to support the food nourishment of all the shackled slaves in the slave cargo holds and that of the crew especially if they were over loaded with more than expected, the slave ship's captain made the calculated decision in addition to slaves that died along the journey, to purposely throw enough living slaves overboard to their drowning deaths in the Atlantic Ocean in order to maintain enough food/supplies for the remaining captured slaves that allowed them to maintain the remaining slaves nourishment needs and did not affect too much, his predetermined quota of slaves for his slave buyers.

And even if his predetermined numbers because of drowning slaves caused a problem for the buyers, it can be explained away as "a necessary decision based on potential slave rebellion/uprising and ship safety concerns".

IMO, CNN and others are doing the same damn thing.

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