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Okay I did not know who this brother was.. I just did a cursory google search and found this statement:

"Ray Hagin is also a former Christian minister. He left Christianity, so I'm told, after locking horns with Ashra Kwesi (a protege of Dr. ben-Jochannon) some years ago. When he was a devout Christian, he and a fellow minister went to crash one of Kwesi's lectures and "set him straight". During that confrontation Brother Kwesi tore him a new one. The rest, as they say, is history.
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Is that true? Is this some sort of beef? Confused

Okay I just read through some of it.. and *sigh* what is this letter supposed to solve?? Is Kwesi supposed to "reflect" after this letter? Be moved by the spirit or something? If all of what he claims is true, then an open letter is certainly not going to aid towards squashing "hurt feelings"...

this is kind of sad...

That's exactly what it is...