Reply to "Ray Hagin and Ashra Kwesi"

I'm surprised to see this here...

I had a friend e-mail it to me the other day...

Here is my 2 cents...

Figures... No critique of what he teaches...

"Then, there was the sister who passed out “Jesus” fans at dinner one evening. Man, you literally leaped over chairs to get at her as though she violated and did bodily harm to a loved one. I admit that her behavior was inappropriate and needed to be addressed, but did it require such a drastic reaction (not response) from you?"

[sarcasm]She is lucky I wasn't there... In Egypt there aren't the strict laws that exist here against assaulting someone... That shit may have aspired me to become violent.[/sarcasm] But seriosly, You ain't gonna pull that at home and get away with it! Conscious folk go on a trip to KMT to ESCAPE that bs! How retarded are you to wip out some Jesus fans on an Ashra Kwesi trip(and I bet Jesus was white), in the middle of KMT, surrounding by Muslims/Arabs in Cairo... Are you insane?!

Kwesi has a heathy ego, but I definitey understand that some of the 'outbursts' mentioned are because he is so sick of our people's willed ignorance.

Why would you approach Ashra Kwesi with some 'aliens built the pyramids' BS? I can almost guarantee that was a damn Nuwabian that knew better, and was trying to force his ideology on Ashra, which is disrespectful in itself. He's an elder who makes a freaking living by ALWAYS giving credit to the achievements of our ancestors. If you see one Kwesi video you know that. So how did he miss that since he supposedly looked at him as a 'teacher'.

And I ain't mad at him for eating up Barashango's ass, I would have enjoyed watching it personally. Ashra is an African hardliner who doesn't do that X-ian apologetics crap that Barashango is famous for. We need more like him!

Hagins is just angry that he got ate up by Kwesi and embarrased... Just like Pastor Colin Akridge did in 'The Great Debate': The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Myth or Reality DVD. It's a shame that he finds it necessary to attack Kwesi's character. He's always been an impassioned spitfire, but it's always been about 'tough love' for our people. I know the man personally, and unless he is ticked off about the lies our people are fed, he is quite a humble preson.