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Reply to "Rank The Terms"

Black-------------Short, to the point, Anglo-Saxon

Spade-------------You left this out, my handle used to be Knave of Spades
Spook-------------I hear this so rarely it is more funny than anything else

African-----------A White person born and raised in Africa should know more about Africa than I do
Colored-----------Same as people of color with fewer syllables

Negro-------------Only KneeGrows try to use this as an insult now
Minority----------Meaningless White perspective. They are just another minority on the planet. And silly since women are called a minority whe they are actually the majority
'Of Color'--------I just had some paleface call me racist for using the term paleface.

Coon--------------Haven't hear thiss in a coon's age
African American--Same as Nigger NAZI
Nigger------------This is really disgusting because Black people use it so much