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Reply to "Rank The Terms"

OK, here is my ranking, as a white guy and a Person of Substance...

1. Black
2. African American

Actually, a decade ago, before I met my wife, I would have reversed #1 and #2.

3. African

Likely to cause confusion, however. But the resulting discussion to clear up the confusion may well be bennifitial and educational.

4. Person of Color
5. Minority

Broader and more appropiate in a context where one wishes to identify more broadly. "Minority" is somewhat problematic, however. For example, by using it, are you grouping yourself with white South Africans (a minority) or with black South Africans (the majority)? In my wife's country, Colombia, (white) Spanish are a minority.

6. African African-American American
7. African African-American
8. African-American American

Sorry, JWC, but you know that I just couldn't resist.

9. Negro
10. Colored

Both of these terms are great if one wishes to convey the impression that they just woke up from a 40 year coma.

11. Spook
12. Coon
13. N****r

Actually, I've never heard the word "spook" to refer to blacks, but I'm assuming that it should be grouped here with the other two.