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Sista ER wrote:  My cousin was telling me how whereas you used to see Black people in jobs in stores as the cashiers or working at the malls or in the fast food places, now, those jobs are being dominated by Latinos!!! And not only are they the workers, but they're also the supervisors and managers ... who primarily only hire other Latinos to fill job openings!!


Yep!  And that is a form of reverse racism.  And a lotta blackfolks are hopping mad!!! Now I don’t have anything against the Latino/Hispanic population and feel everyone is entitled to be able to take care of themselves and their families.....but!  This has become beyond ridiculous.  What they are doing now in certain restaurants, like Taco Bell and El Pollo, is hiring ONE black person-similar to a token[kneegrow] in places that have mostly Latino/Hispanic employees.  And I have noticed that some of the younger ones are sooooooooo disrespectful and rude.  I’ve had to come outta my car a few times on their azz and say “tell it to me in my face.”  Or “how in the HELL did you get this job” as I request the manager. 


But to be fair, cuz I’m about being fair, on the SAME note I have visited establishments like Burger King-when I didn’t have time to cook [especially during the holiday season] cuz I was short from starving too death and encountered Diva Skank with a bad Macy Grace look singing on her microphone with those ugly long nasty fingernails.  When I interrupted her to place an order, heifer had an attitude.  Or when I come up to the window at McDonald's, young brothas are rapping and playing around....and are surprised to see me pull up cuz  they didn’t remember my order and TRIED to pretend that I didn’t make one.  In those instances, I think it’s MORE youth than race.  But with the Big and Tall skank, I think it was more hoodratism [that Latino gang banging mentality] than ANYTHING else.  But as I said before she was a coward cunt.  Usually when you are that bold you can back it up....cuz even when she had the chance to do so, she didn’t.  She allowed the merchant and her assistant to escort her out of the store.  If she had any BALLS, she would have said something back to me cuz at that point I was having a STRAIGHT OUT fit.  But nevertheless that doesn’t take away or minimize what she did or who she is....I just think it has MORE to do with her as a damaged/dysfunctional soul who used her first language as a weapon to disrespect-which is the makings of a complete hoodrat whore.


Whenever I go home to visit ... I guess I do notice that there's a bunch of 'em around ... but I don't get to see it like that on a daily basis, so it's just hard for me to imagine life in L.A. where there's Mexicans like .... EVERYWHERE!!! Back when I was living there, there were a majority young BLACK girls in the kinds of programs you run!!


Well most of my students are primarily Latino/Hispanic.  And yes they are EVERYWHERE!!!  But!  A lot of them come from different places in the Central America area.  I know a lot of folks from El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala not just from Mexico.  I couldn’t  tell where this whore was from.  I only know that Mexico usually don’t have tall women. It’s rarely seen.  So maybe she’s from Brazil-where her height is probably the norm.   Who knows.  Doesn’t take away from the fact she is a total BITCH to the tenth power!  Nope.  


But, like I said ... everybody I know says the SAME thing. It's supposed to be that way here in Texas, too. I think we're the FIRST state in the nation to now be a Hispanic-majority state. They're at 52%, according to the latest census. But, they're mostly in El Paso .... and haven't "taken over" here yet.


Wow!  That's a lot. But!  At their growing rate, it will be only a matter of time before they will be where you are.  I know you know that....right?


You know ... sometimes I wonder if White folks even SEE what's comin' at them ... from some of the things they've done??? And the mistakes from their ignorance of thought that they've made.  


I was talking to an associate of mine who is on this tangent where she accuses the govt for allowing this to happen way back in the day when they i.e. Latinos/Hispanics used to hide from sight-especially if one screamed “immigration.”  You'd see them scatter like roaches.  Now?  They have govt programs to help them financially when they are illegal.  How is that?  How can people obtrain MONEY from this country when they are NOT citizens?  And the citizens[those who ARE from this country] cannot get ANYTHING!!!!  Her claim is that the govt set this up to minimize or overshadow the conditions of blackfolks and their needs.  Saying that they rather HELP foreigners than black citizens.  I couldn’t argue her point cuz it appears she’s right.  But if this is so then the ONLY folks to BLAME for this unbalance is white folks.  They are the one who let them in, gave them money AND jobs.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be here.  Right? But!