Reply to "Random Thoughts"

I had a(nother) "Sunday afternoon" experience with a youngster, myself, yesterday!! 


I don't know what it is with me, my music and Taco Bell ...... but .....





So yesterday, I was driving around doing my shopping/running errands thing ... and decided I had a taste for a Burrito Supreme!!  I had snatched some 'made-a-long-time-ago' CDs to listen to and I was bumping to The Bar-Kays "She Talks To Me With Her Body" when I pulled up to the order window.


I mean ... it was sounding GOOD and I was really rockin' out!!!  I don't have one of those LOUD systems in my car, though (the kind where the base makes the whole car vibrate ) .... but, I didn't want to be ghetto, loud, and inconsiderate ... so, of course, I turned it down enough so that business could be conducted! 


Between the menu and the order window, though, I turned it up again .... as there was a car in front of me.  By the time I get up to the window, I was partying my ass off once again!!


When I pull up, there's this young, perky, blond little high-school-aged-looking White girl at the window .... and I had to turn the music (almost all the way) down to hear what she was saying.  I had forgotten what the total was (if she told me) but, before I could ask she looks down at me and says, "I LIKE that song!!"  Paused for a second and said, "It's really catchy!!" 


I'm telling you .... I just KNOW my eyes had to be ( ) bugging out of my head  as I smiled at her and giggled and said, "Yeah, it is, isn't it??"  And, my burrito came out of the window so fast I had not had time to regain enough coherent thought to ask this girl ... "Where you been and what you been doing?" to have even HEARD this song let alone LIKE it so much!!  


I mean ... this song came out in 1982 .... so, not only was she not even thought about yet ... I'm not sure her MOMMA was even born back then!!    But, she was tapping her little fingers on her arm and (looked like) patting her little foot behind that corner .... and clearly knew the song!!  I was flabbergasted!!  But also both intrigued and delighted at the thought that the Bar-Kays could move somebody so totally opposite from me in the SAME way!!


Music is such a WONDERFUL thing!! 


But this is the 3rd time that I've gone to a Taco Bell and the employee in the window has commented on, asked me to turn up, and partied to my music!!!    And I don't know why no McDonald's, or Burger King or Jack-in-the-Box people have never felt it in the same way!!


But the little White girl has been the biggest shocker, yet!!  She made my day!!  And, the burrito was pretty good, as well!!