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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

Originally posted by ocatchings:
Will I ever get my "black card" back???????

I went to see Chicago 2 weeks ago play at a casino in Tunica. I got that "what are you doing here" look a few times from whites and blacks. I get home and I'm asked why did you want to see Chicago? "We" don't listen to that kind of music.
What "we" are they referring to and what type of music do "we" listen to?

I guess I'm still on probation
****sigh****........ hat

Excellent concert by the way. Played all of the classics. bow

Isn't Chicago similar in style to Toto and Hall &Oates? Are they kidding me? Now mind you I wouldn't have paid to see them, BUT dang they sure do try hard to sound like R&B without sounding like R&B! lol