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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
I find that I, myself, am very conflicted on the issue. This 'new day' America thing is nice ... perhaps even necessary ... and, I suppose, will/would be a good thing. However, on the flip side, I can't see it being achieved without Black people, once again, having to sacrifice the most to achieve it. And in my mind, we've given more than enough to 'the cause' already.

If White folks can't get it together themselves ... and get themselves together ... then that's not our problem. Nor do I want it to be.

I was conflicted on this issue, but no more. While I want to love all people, I'm just of the mindset that certain people just can't be loved; they must be destroyed - and that's really the end all of it. That goes for those outside of us as well as those on the "inside" who'd sell us out and make life miserable for us in any way.

I also agree that we can't get anything together for those who'd be so apt to annihilate us. I don't know about you, but I'm trying to shift my gears to focus only upon those people who have our best interest at heart - and sadly, that does not include some of our own.

I already know what to do about the 'others'. The hard part is dealing with 'our own' who'd just continue to be stupid. Maybe I just have to charge them to the game. We'll see.

"Wisdom Is A Woman Speaking Truth!"