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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

Why are AA so shocked by batshit crazy white folks? Has it really been that long that people have forgotten that these people used to feel comfortable out in the open.

Maybe my situation is unique in this respect. I was born in '64 in TN just 40 miles from the birthplace of the modern klan. When I was young, almost every other month, on a weekend, the klan would be standing at street corners in full regalia passing out literature and taking donations like a recognized public charity.

In school, I knew kids whose parents were active or at the very least sympathetic. In my senior year of high school, the klan threatened to disrupt our homecoming because the escort for the white homecoming queen was the student body president, who was black. If he bailed, I as student body vice president would be next in the line of fire. Fortunately, they did not show.

I grew up with people driving around in pickup trucks with gun racks and confederate flag tinted windows. I have vague memories of the late sixties and early seventies when folks where getting shot left and right, often by crazy white folk. I remember the old, crazy racist George Wallace when he ran for president.

Did AA's really believe that things had radically changed? Did they really believe that the batshit crazy white folks had gone away? Everywhere I have lived in the US, I have run into these folks. In northern CA and Oregon, there where skin heads. In PA, there was always buzz about the klan, and though I was north of the Mason Dixon line, there where confederate flags on display in many rural locals. In MI, there was still remnants of the militia, not to mention the most segregated urban areas in the US.

Just because we have a black president does not mean that batshit crazy white folks would become a thing of the past. As we see now, they have been emboldened and are crawling out of the wood ork and their "hiddie holes."

What is really funny to watch is now some of the neocon scum of the past few years are actually afraid. They thought that they could control their wacko kinfolk, and they may have been wrong. If this is the case, then I think we do have a new twist in things. You have Ann Coulter chastising the birthers, and members of the republican party going after the eugenics/euthanasia rantings against health care, this is getting interesting.

Maybe I am naive or jaded, but I really don't see these nut jobs getting much traction. I could be wrong, but I think the "real" white folks, the folks with the power, are not going to let these wackos destroy everything. They count on them to do their dirty work, but they will put them down like a rabid dog if they become bent on destruction. At least, that is my take on things at the moment.