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How is this an insult to you?I don't get it. Again....I said Yall. And this was a general commentary reflecting how I felt regarding my President vs my Black community. But're right. I'm done too

Guess I'm not 'done' after all...

Your 'black' commentary is GENERAL in it's insult of BLACK people who don't share your views (relating to Obama).

And you are just as wrong in your the black people you disparage.

in a nutshell

I've explained myself as much as I intend to ...

For every blk 'mofo'... every 'stupid' black, dumb, etc... (judgment that you make)... hopefully, the universe won't judge you as harshly.

On this particular subject, you sling insults at black folk (who are critical of Obama) in the same way the klan slings a's offensive and I chose to respond.

but do 'reflect' on...

That's all black folk need...another black person belittling them (in the name of history & truth)

whatevah Roll Eyes

ain't nothing NEW about that