Reply to "Random Thoughts"

BTW: I personally don't see Obama as a God...only as a human being who happens to be black.

Well, speaking for myself....G.D (my perception of G.d) is the only entity I will give UNCONDITIONAL loyalty to.

IMO, Obama is not above criticism and from what I can tell... he has no problem throwing black folk under the bus.


that's just my opinion (of which we're all entitled).

There's not a black person here (OR on earth) a position to dictate how other black folk view Obama or...

how they should or shouldn't respond to his actions/policies & position...

All anyone can do is share their opinion..hopefully minus the put down of others for theirs (personally I find it offensive).

I will continue to be 'negative' regarding Obama as long as I see him NEGATIVE or condescending to the black community

As with anything else, we all have our own opinion based on our own knowledge, standards, perspective & expectations.

I'm not trying to BE LIKE white folk, so I frankly couldn't care less what they've done or haven't done (in terms of how they 'stood by' the crimes of white presidents or in spite of).

As you said (& I wholeheartedly agree) choice fro

I LOVE the freedoms in this country. tfro