Reply to "Random Thoughts"

In all due respect...(& as a black person) I will not BLINDLY follow/support ANYONE...

no matter 'who' is it.

If Obama does or says something I disagree with, I will speak on it...

I reserve the right to my freedom of speech....having a black president does not negate that fact.

Obama will NOT be treated any differently than any other president (as far as I'm concerned). He is accountable for his actions & promises.

He is NOT exempt from criticism...and neither is he a G.D to be worshipped (as some folk seem to do)....

He's in office to do a job....his half 'blackness' does not give him a free pass or a free 'ride' when it comes to his policies & treatment of the black community (at least NOT in my book).

I'm just sayin'

In this particular case, my loyalty is conditional.

I will wait & see.