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Originally posted by ocatchings:
I haven't picked up a bass in 5 years but since his death I picked up a bass at a local music store, now all I hear are the bass lines to "I want you back" and "Smooth criminal". Nothing else, just those 2 lines.

Now I'm at work looking at different tabulature interpretations, getting nothing done that I need to have complete for my meeting at 5pm.

Somebody help me please.........

I wish I could help but I'm fighting my own MJ battles Smile

I've been getting phone calls from friends I haven't heard from or seen IN YEARS (they were able to get my number from my mother who has had the same phone number all my

Anyway, they all want to reminisce and tell a MJ story....EVen those who weren't exactly a 'friend' at the time.

Off & on (when my cell phone rings), I will see a strange area code....only to is the red headed girl who used to live across the street or the bad little boy who used to call me black skinny Fab (in the 8th grade). Eek lol

Goodness gracious, I NEVER liked that guy, he was mean & he'd hit me......who the heck knows why he felt the need to talk to me after all these years. Eek

Verrrrrrrrry interesting.

I just may plan a reunion (friends & frienemies (sp)). Big Grin

& all with a MJ connection to my past.Smile