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Originally posted by Fabulous:
I FINALLY found a used car for my nephew, after weeks of shopping around.

This is his first car and I wanted him to have a dependable, economy car that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg for gas....

Awwww Lady!

You are so sweet! I bet he REALLY appreciates the car!

You know, I wanted to take the time to thank you for being such a positive person on this forum! Seriously, I have not been able to contribute as much as I would like here until recently, and even then, my time has been very limited....and for the times that I do come here, you are ALWAYS such a positive factor...and I am grateful to you for that.

Even if they do not tell you, I know that the people in your life have got to truly love and value you, as you take care of yourself, you look after your friends, you help your family members, and have great love for your community...characteristics that only a true Lady of Virtue exhibits patiently and persistently.

Lady, don't ever let ANYONE steal your joy; keep doing what you do to make a POSITIVE difference daily...because you truly DO make a difference!

"Wisdom Is A Woman Who Appreciates Positive Sistahs (Who Are DOIN THANGS....LOL)!"