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I FINALLY found a used car for my nephew, after weeks of shopping around.

This is his first car and I wanted him to have a dependable, economy car that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg for gas. I have to admit, I was getting really tired of looking.

And. . .with my spending limit. . .the pickings were slim. 9

When we found a car that he liked (& I liked 'for him'), I paid cash ...

At seventeen, he can't enter into a contract of any kind (& despite having a driver's license, they wouldn't let him test drive the dang car because of his age Eek), so the car is in my name as well as the car insurance.

For me, this means a slight increase in my insurance payments (to add yet another vehicle to my policy), however, since my nephew doesn't live with me, I got off a LOT cheaper than I thought.

Ah well. . .

It's over now. . .the whole purpose is to keep him off the bus. These days, it just isn't safe for a young black boy (in the city of Los Angeles) to even contemplate 'waiting around' for a bus, period. & imo.

I know there's a whole 'nother worry involved with the driving (like keeping an eye out for the po po AND anything & everything related to driving while black Eek), but I'll sleep better knowing he isn't using public transportation.

The good news is. . .

this whole process cost a total of twelve thousand dollars & some change (including tax & license & extended warranty) ... Money well spent (from what I can tell at the moment).

I'm just glad to get it out of the way and I think we got a good deal. Smile

Needless to say, my nephew is VERY happy and I'm happy for him.

Now, if his grades drop or he breaks curfew. . .

I'll suspend his driving privileges quicker than it took me to fork over the cash.

Anyway. . .

His FIRST car. 4


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