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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

Life is really good...

I am grateful for my breathe this day; grateful to hear this new song I've never head before...

Today I had an opportunity to aid a friend in Dubai. He is working on his Master's degree in Theology. He asked me to help him correct some things in his thesis...he wrote a wonderful paper and I loved the way he really "dug in" to get at the Truth...many people don't do that when it comes to studying God.
He was previously Muslim and is now Christian; a serious switch up given where he is and how he was raised.

Then, I was able to read a brother's thoughts on a Man's ability to "keep honoring" the Women that come into his life. He was talking about how Women dress these days and how it can pose a struggle for Men who are trying to rise above lusting after Women all day long. He posted a letter from another brotha who had changed his life around, and he too talked about not wanting to struggle sexually. To rise above what the flesh wants is an amazing feat.

To master and not be mastered; that is true freedom.

Just when you think the world has totally and completely lost the rest of its mind, you see the see the diamonds in the rough struggling to shine, to exceed their worldly price tag and truly live up to their Original Value.

After that, I had to talk to my boo bear about his then it was on to the kitty, "I love you, but you WILL NOT scratch my furniture! You got that cat???" I have been training the kitty by squirting him with the water bottle when he does SomeThing he is not supposed to be doing. He's getting the point...and he seemed guilty when I talked to him! LOL...a guilty kitty???

Too funny!

Then I talked to my little sister...she is "upset" about the fact that I've started an online church. "You can't hold people accountable if they just go online...they aren't having Bible studies! Just because you believe you got a message from God does not mean that you did!"

I laughed my butt off...passionate one she is! But very wrong she is, too. "I can not judge another man's servant," I told her. "It is up to God to judge, not me. I just get the message and put it out there; it is between them and God if they do or do not get it."

For Real!

Then a co-worker called me to see if I would work for her this evening....I specifically told her that I can not cover for her on Wednesdays, given that this day is the Sabbath for us....I believe that she just does not want to work given that the severe snow storm is coming. has been a good day and I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

"Wisdom Is Always A Woman Reflecting!"