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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

I'm very disappointed in some of my family members.

Some are snobs, some are bourgeois, and SOME. . .

are just too damn selfish to be real. Eek

ANDDDDDDDDDDDD, it's the selfish ones who offend me the most.

I want to shake them and say, "who the HELL are you to be so g.ddamn selfish. . .

get over your damn self."

Really. . .

I have a serious problem with selfish people who think everything in life is about THEM and how 'they' FEEL and what 'they' NEED.


I know for a fact. . .

their shyt stinks worse than others.

thank goodness a person isn't responsible for 'who' their blood relatives are, cuz just knowing these folks have the same blood that I do [running through their veins] would most definitely scare the hell outta me. Eek

To those relatives I say: Y'all should STOP BEING SO G.DDAMN SELFISH, CAUSE IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT YOU!
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