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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

So last week I give a test.

I have about 130 people to whom to distribute an exam. I thought it wouldn't take more than 10 minutes.


As I'm passing out the exam, I have people approaching me asking off the wall questions.

Says one girl: My grandfather is in the hospital. Is it alright if I keep my cellphone on in case they call to let me know how he's doing?

I'm thinking: Is it really too much to ask for you to turn it off for 1 hour?

Despite telling them not to turn the paper over until I give the word, people turn the paper over. So I waste more time repeating the instruction not to turn the paper over.


At one point during the exam, one guy asks which button to push on the calculator to do such and such.

I'm thinking: Have you really gone the entire semester and this is the first time you've thought to ask that question?

One girl straight up asks me how to do a problem. I tell her I can't tell her that.

She asks: How do you expect me to know this?

I reply: Because I told you that it would be on the exam. It was on several quizzes. And the last test.

I think: That shoulda been a clue.

Later on, she comes up and says: I've taken this course 3 times and I haven't learned anything in your class. I paid good money.

I say: You didn't pay good money to have me think for you.

She says: I'm not a retard.

Said I: I didn't say that you were.

bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

PS: These were white kids ... Roll Eyes