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Reply to "Random Thoughts"

I saw the movie "This Christmas" last night, and it's hard to believe it was directed by a black man [Preston Whitmore]. Nope, I did NOT! like this flick. . .not even a little bit. td6

While the actors were ALL pretty good [& it's always nice to see black folk on the big screen], the storyline, itself, didn't flow for me and the family members/situations were not 'believable,' imo. . .

Too many things just didn't ring true and some things I found offensive.

I would've walked out. . .had it not been for the 3 teens who came with me. . .who couldn't see beyond Chris Brown. . .

[to my surprise] they actually enjoyed this flick.

Say what?!? Eek

I found it VERY BORING. It was an unrealistic view of black family life, imo. I don't know who the writer is, but I wouldn't be surprised if the story was written by a white man.

I give it four thumbs down.

td6 td6 td6 td6

Although I'm sure the men who see this movie. . .will enjoy Regina King's half naked scenes toward the end. LOL