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Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 091958 -0700 (PDT)
From: BWE Personal Computers
Subject: Police Brutality to Beverly Wilson Ellison Sr. on THUR, 4 OCT 07 - #1

Good Morning All,

I'm sending out this short email before I go back to lie down. Before I tell you about my Thursday, let me give you this information:

I am 5'3", approximately 112-115 lbs and I wear a Size 3. I'm a '76 Lindblom Technical HS grad and hold 2 BA degrees, in English & Business Management, from Barat College '80, Lake Forest, IL. I'm the PTA & NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Secretary and I serve on the LSC (Local School Council) at my daughters' school since they've been in school (2001). I'm a US Army Veteran (Paralegal & Spanish Interrogator) and have 27 years in the Army and Army Reserves, combined.

I've had Arthritis in Both Hips and Chrondamalacia Patella in Both Knees (I don't have any cartilage between the Patella and the joint below) since I was in the Army in 1981.

I have Bi-Lateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Both Hands, since 1997, caused by Repetitive Motion at the Post Office.


This past Thursday morning, at approximately 0850 to 0900 hours, while taking our 2 girls to school, I was dragged away from my Chevy Blazer truck to the middle of the street and beaten up by 2 White Chicago policeman, on the corner of 102nd and Aberdeen.

This was all done while my daughters were in the car...the only witnesses.

I was finally given a ticket...after being in 2 different jails, all day, until my release at 7pm...

for 1 bogus charge of Failure To Stop At A Stop 103rd & Aberdeen, which never occurred.

And, for the policemen who may be reading this:
Yes...I had my Driver's License and Proof of Insurance...which, by the way, is paid thru Jan '08. I have never been arrested, no parking tickets, no warrants and have been fingerprinted 1) In the Army, where I held a Top Secret Clearance for MANY years as a Paralegal and 2) When I taught grammar school with Chicago Public Schools in the '80s.

The 1st White policeman made a wide right turn onto 103rd & Aberdeen, head on into my truck (which was on Aberdeen headed Northbound) and this action initiated the sequence of events that followed.

I was supposedly arrested for Disorderly Conduct (I was yelling for Help and for someone to dial 911 as I hadn't done anything) and Resisting Arrest (the 1st policeman who was dragging me by my wrists and arms, yelled for me to "Stop resisting arrest"...AFTER people began to come out of their homes).

None of my paperwork lists these 2 charges...only Failure To Stop At A Stop Sign.

I went to the Emergency Room Friday and then filed a complaint at OPS, the Office of Professional Standards, later that evening, in the IIT Research Building at 10 West 35th Street. I meet with a Private Investigator and have a doctor's appointment Monday morning. If this email seems scanty, in details, it's because this is all "fresh" and is in the process of being investigated.

Be apprised, that THIS is NOT a bogus hoax or scam or Urban Legend.

This is for real.

This is also NOT the last time that you'll hear about this incident because I intend to let the WORLD know about this incident thru different mediums, as it unfolds.

Sincerely Serious,


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Rosemary Prather, CEO
Nellie Prather Foundation